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How to repair the soda vending machine

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There are a few common issues with soda vending machines that happen frequently. These can be due to human factors as well as machine malfunctions or even human error. Let’s review the information and then share it with you.

1. Problem of fault This is when the drink isn’t sweet enough.

Verify that the sugar-water mixture ratio is right.

1. Unregulated flow can be a possibility. You can adjust the flow in order to correct it.

2. Possible causes if the ratio of sugar to water is adjusted; Solution check and modify the ratio of sugar to water

3. Low CO2 pressure could be due to leakage.

4. Possible reasons why the water delivery pipe is blocked; Solution : Clean the pipeline

5. The syrup’s flow may be excessive.

6. Low CO2 pressure may cause inadequate carbonated flow.

2. Fault-related phenomenon: the beverage is not sweet enough

Check that the pressure is in line with your expectations.

1. Potential causes of insufficient syrup flow because of low CO2 pressure; Solution is to adjust CO2 pressure, or change CO2 cylinder;

2. The syrup pipe could be blocked due to a range of reasons.

3. There are several reasons as to why the ratio of sugar to water may not be adjusted properly.

Adjust the sweetness (sugar water ratio)

Verify and verify that the temperature of the cooling water within the water tank is below 0 degrees , and the beverage temperature from the beverage valve is below 4.4 . It takes about 1-1.5 hours for the compressor in the machine to be turned on and for the ice crystals to form. The time for the ice to fully form may take 3-4 hours.

Make note of when the temperature of the drink reaches lower than 4.4 , i.e. Adjust the sweetness. If the beverage’s temperature falls lower than 4.44 degrees, i.e.

Install the sugar water nozzle in the nozzle of your valve’s inner valve by taking off the beverage valve’s front cover. Switch the sugar water nozzle above the beverage seat to stop the syrup. Only carbonated water flows out when the beverage valve is turned on. Carbonated water should be filled with a larger cup. Change the flow of water by weighing the amount of water present for 4 seconds, ml (oz) and then divide by four to determine the amount of water required, milliliters per second (oz sec) The range of adjustment of water flow is 37ml sec (1.25oz sec) – 74ml sec (2.5oz sec).

things that require focus

Make use of a cross screwdriver to turn the flow-adjusting bolt clockwise. Counterclockwise , the flow will decrease.

The syrup switch should be turned on and then fill the sugar water using a proportional cup at same moment. Turn the sugar flow adjustment bolt until it is adjusted to the desired sugar water ratio.

Things that require pay attention

The bolt that adjusts the flow of syrup adjustment method is the same as the water flow adjustment bolt.

Make sure you measure again after you’ve changed the sugar-water ratio.

Repeat the procedure above to adjust the sugar-to-water ratio of all beverage valves.

Adjust the sugar-water ratio

1. Remove the front cover from the distribution valve, and then install the drain piece for syrup at the nozzle.

2. You can adjust the carbonated water flow to your preferences (e.g. 2.50 oz s) (70 g s). You can alter the flow by turning 1 to 4 turns at one time. Turn clockwise to increase flow.

3. Adjust the syrup regulator on the left of each valve to alter the amount of syrup water. The cup should be placed underneath the valve. Drain the drink according the amount of time indicated (e.g. 4 seconds).


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