Soda vending machines are commonly utilized in markets. Juice machines are available at a variety of places, including fast food establishments, cafes, beverage stores and milk tea shops. Fast food stores are the most frequent.

Which soda vending machine the best?

There is no reason to pursue higher and better and keep improving to buy high-end equipment. In reality, picking soda vending machine machines that work for your store is the most effective.

How to choose your own equipment

There are several kinds of soda vending machines in the market, including top-of-the-line machines and equipment and lower-end machines. They all share the same designs and layouts. The fruit juicer is a tiny, commercially-oriented electrical device that is also offered on huge platforms. People who havena??t experienced the equipment might not be able to understand the price of the machine. It’s also difficult to identify the best equipment for you.

Soda vending machines are equipped with cold drink machines, which are also known as soda machines, in addition to hot and cold drink machines. While they may look similar, their functions can be completely different. The first is for pure cold drinks, while the second one is for heating.

Choose the reference for your equipment that best describes your store

Single cylinder soda machine ideal for small drink stores and restaurants that have an area of about 10-20 square meters.

Double Cylinder fruit soda machine suitable for medium-sized restaurants, Western restaurants, fast food restaurants beverages cafes, hotels and coffee shops with an area of 20-30 square metres.

Three-cylinder soda machine and above a??ideal for large hotels and Hotels with an area of over 30 square meters; Cafeterias; Hotpot shops and various other places.