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How to Start a Vending Machine Business

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With the improvement of per capita consumption, urbanization and the improvement of business environment, the retail business pattern of China has changed dramatically. The vending machine market has came into a high-speed growth period, which appears in the shopping malls, subway stations, schools and scenic spots in major towns. In addition, fast offering giants such as farmer springtime, Wahaha, unity and Professional Kang have also been on the market of Chinese vending machines, and vigorously develop the vending machine business.

In the view of machine ownership, at present, domestic vending machines are mainly concentrated in coastal areas. Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are the most broadly penetrated and mature regions of vending machines. About 60% of the gear is laid in these areas. In recent years, the self-service vending machine ownership in China has been increasing at a higher speed of more than 30%, and the market space is relatively large.

So, how to begin the vending machine business?

Vending machines mainly earn price differences brought by goods. Compared with the entity business supermodel, vending machines have a bit of benefit (closer to consumers, versatile adjustment factors are that they come in high demand places, which can meet up with the consumption demand). In addition, mobile payment expands this benefit without waiting in line.

Advertising is also a revenue point. In the subway and car place and other densely filled but short stay time, you can get good advertising revenue.

The vending machine needs to select the point, commodity and personnel flow in the procedure process to understand the vending machine can be provided purposefully and flow of people. It depends upon the quality of the circulation of people, that is, the demand for goods. Vending machines and consumer choices are mutually beneficial. Consumers need vending machines to meet their own usage needs, that is, vending machines can perform product coordinating, and vending machines choose consumers with fixed demand within the target range.

Therefore, the location of vending machine is vital. Choosing professional organizations for site selection Commission will greatly improve efficiency and promise the results.

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