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How much is the automatic popcorn machine?

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There are different popcorn machines in the market. It can be roughly divided into semi-automatic and full automatic vending machine. And the machine can be equipped with different payment system, for example coin acceptor, bill acceptor, credit card reader, online pay or QR code. The price will be different accordingly.

Then how much is an automatic popcorn machine? Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd. Produce both semi-automatic popcorn machine and full automatic popcorn vending machine. The semi-automatic popcorn vending machine is designed in compact size, occupy less than 1 square meter, just require fresh flavoured raw corn seeds to be filled in the corn kernel hopper, nothing else is needed. Popcorn is freshly made with zero wastage or shrinkage, no oil required for cooking,  no staff needed for popping and selling! Payment system can be coin or token. The market price of this machine is about US$1250.

The newest full automatic popcorn vending machine is produced by Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd in year 2021. What is distinctive in this new vending machine is that it can can offer multi flavors, what’s more is that it can add flavor automatically in the machine based on customer’s order choose from the color touch screen.  Unit price of this machine is about US$3500.

If you are interested in these machine, you can visit website for more details.

How much is the automatic popcorn machine?

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