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How many servings of fries could be kept in the automated fries machine?

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“Himmy’s” French fries vending machine is able to hold a large amount of French fries Don’t worry about the dearth of French fries in the near future!

Hommy’s automatic food vending machine for French fries. When buying French fries from Hommy, consumers just have to purchase the machine and wait 35 seconds. The vending machine will automatically put the freshly baked French fries right into the customers’ cup.

Hommy’s food vending machine that is automated for French fries, which is fully aware of the experience of the user, searches for needs from the point of view of the user and provides quality. It makes orders for meals via the internet or offline terminals, scans codes and takes meals directly. There’s no need for waiting in queues this saves time.

Hommy’s automated French fries vending machine will not only compete with traditional eateries in order to capture the market however, it can also aid stores to increase sales and win-win cooperation.

Presently, there is several vending machines that are available. Hommy has created and manufactured pizza vending machines as well as orange juice machines, ice cream vending machines, coffee machines Coke machines and other products to meet the needs of different consumers. When they’re available the machines are welcomed warmly.

China’s hommy French fries vending machine includes different models, each with top-of-the-line technology, superior quality and high cost performance. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers entrepreneurs with a cooperative method of leasing at the same time, which fully meets the needs of entrepreneurs.


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