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How do you make sugarcane juice using a machine

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Now in the beverage market, the natural sugarcane juice with no additives is the preferred choice. The demand for 100% pure sugarcane juices, and especially orange juice, is growing. In order to meet the growing demand for sugarcane, a sugarcane juice vending machine was created and warmly sought after, which allowed people to realize the importance of drinking sugarcane juice at any time and from anywhere. What is it that makes sugarcane juice vending machines so popular?

It’s hard to imagine the market need for sugarcane juice.

Health has been at the forefront of attention because of the increase in living standards. Sugarcane juice is in high demand as a necessity of every day life. Pure sugarcane juice is devoid from any additives and contains most of its nutrients. It is therefore quite widespread.

Although the consumption of sugarcane juice in China is rising steadily, it is still far further behind the other nations. The amount of sugarcane juice in daily life in the United States, Britain and Japan is far more than that in China. Pure sugarcane juice in these countries is considered a must-have in every day life. In China it is considered a nutriment and cognitive issues directly affect consumption.

With the rising the standard of living and improved health the population is becoming more aware of their own health. The market for pure sugarcane juice in China, especially sugarcane juice, is huge and the outlook for the market is broad. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s sugarcane juice market will grow at a steady rate of 10 10%.

Sugarcane juice vending machine allows you to drink sugarcane juice at any time

Because of the instantaneity and random nature of China’s demand for sugarcane juice, the emergence and growth of sugarcane juice vending machines are encouraged.

This is why Hommy developed the vending machine for sugarcane juice. Customers can have the sugarcane juice anywhere and anytime via a variety payment methods online. A cup of pure sugarcane juice is prepared in about 40 seconds with three to five oranges. Hommy’s sugarcane juice vending machines are located in just 1-2 meters. It’s flexible, and glass allows customers to see the entire extraction of orange juice.

Hommy, a pioneer in domestic R & D, is an innovator in the production of new vending machines. They also contribute to the advancement of technology called Internet of Things that integrates traditional industry and internet-connected intelligence. Kangmei’s Ice Cream vending machines. It is one Kangmei product that has been exported to North America, Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East. All interested guests are invited to speak with!

The vending machine for sugarcane juice eliminates the need for intermediaries in processing such as filling, distribution, and distribution. It also helps save manpower and materials. Consumers can get the juice in fresh, less expensive sugarcane. Entrepreneurs who participate in this model can boost their profit margins.

A vending machine that sells sugarcane juice can sell hundreds of orange juices per throughout the day. Each cup costs about 12 Yuan. But the price for each cup is lower than 5 Yuan. The profit margin can’t be overstated.


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