The Hommy pizza maker is a fully automatic, intelligent pizza production line. It takes just three minutes to order and take out pizza. It is faster than other pizza establishments.

How could they create pizza in this short amount of time?

After the customer scans the code displayed on the screen to pay for the order, the intelligent pizza machine will begin to make pizza

Step 1 Make sure to knead the flour in order into a dough

Step 2: Press the dough into cakes and put them into the assembly line.

Step 3 spray sauce.

How Do You Make A Pizza Box Vending Machine

Step 4 Sprinkle the ingredients, like ham Smoked sausage, cheese, green pepper beef, and any other ingredients.

5. The transmission belt moves the pizza to the machine arm, and it is placed in the oven.

Step 6, the hot pizza is ready to be served.

Step 7: Remove the tableware

How Do You Make A Pizza Box Vending Machine

All of these processes are carried out automatically by the machine.

Conclusion intelligent fast food terminal equipment is not just a device, but an unorthodox invention leading the fast food industry to new levels of quality and convenience, health and freshness, incorporating the latest technological and scientific advancementsa??Hommy is trying to unlock the future of smart fast food by using intelligent fast food terminal equipment as the foundation