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How do you cook pizza in a pizza vending machine?

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A pizza offered from a vending pizza machine is hardly new. How do you cook pizza in a pizza vending machine?

Hommy Enterprise’s new developed pizza vending machine provide up to 96pcs pizzas in a round time. The machine use pre-stored, frozen pizza packed with box from the build-in freezer, after customer chose flavor from the color touch screen, the selected flavor of pizza will then be transferred out from cold room to a high temperature infrared oven, cooked without paper box in the oven under 60~300°C, and then the vending machine deliver the pizza back to the paper box, and dispense to a customer. The whole process need less than 3 minutes.

From the touch screen, you can choose cold or hot pizza. If you order cold pizza, the pizza will be picked up from the freezer and dispense directly.  You can also choose to send the invoice to your email box if you need. The machine is so smart and it’s remote controlled by software management

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3 min pizza vending machine

3 min pizza vending machine

pizza vending machine cool japanese

pizza food vending machine


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