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How do hot food vending machines work

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Hot food vending machine cooked food can be divided into three categories: Stewed vegetables, cold vegetables and spicy fried food.

At present, hot food vending machines developed by HOMMY include pizza vending machine, lunch box vending machine, hamburger vending machine, French fries vending machine, etc.

The workflow of cooked food self-service machine is roughly the same as that of ordinary self-service machine. Consumers pay, wait 40 seconds to 2 minutes for cooked food to come out and take it.

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How do ordinary cooked food self-service machines work? When receiving the consumer's instruction, the machine starts to work. Generally, cooked food is stored in the storage room with the temperature controlled at 0-5 degrees, which can be stored for 2-3 days. In some storage rooms, the temperature can be controlled at - 18 degrees to 5 degrees, which can be stored for a week or even months. But the taste of cooked food will also change, not recommended. Then the machine transfers it to the oven for baking, and then it is boxed,

Nowadays, cooked food vending machines can be seen everywhere in the streets, shopping malls, stations and airports. Especially during the severe global epidemic period, cooked food vending machines are showing explosive growth momentum. Investors are welcome to inquire +86 750 6316991

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