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How can you make the juice of sugarcane at home without the use of a machine

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Sugarcane juice can be made at your home using the manual machine.

To ensure the freshness of each cup of sugarcane juice supplied to consumers, hommy exercised strict control at the source and devoted a significant amount of manpower and material resources to interfere in the plantation and selection of sugarcane juice. He performed a careful and efficient control, and shipped fresh-picked fresh oranges from terminals throughout the country.

After a thorough cleaning, grading and sorting, sugarcane juice purchased from the origin is directly transported to the storage place for sterilization and refrigeration without the use of wax or preservative injection. To set a precedent in the development of a healthy industry it is vital to adhere strictly to high standards of quality and safety.

One click for intelligent simple operation

With the rise of intelligence, it’s not hard to imagine the future public space service will certainly be a part of the intelligence, personalization and refinement! Hommy’s automatic sugarcane juice maker can be fully automated in sales and control with the help of the intelligent platform. Operators have the ability to monitor the state of sales and inventorylevels, as well as cup covers, both in real-time and via the background. They can replenish materials in the event of a shortage. Fully realize remote control all day, every day Operators are able to remotely control everything through the intelligent background, and easily earn high wealth.

Hommy has created a comprehensive operation and maintenance system to ensure that each consumer is able to have a refreshing cup of sugarcane juice. With the continual improvement of consumers’ requirements for living a better life, it can be predicted that the hommy automated sugarcane juice machine will be more and more well-known.


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