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How can you make sugarcane juice at home without the use of a machine

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The market for beverages has adopted natural sugarcane juice that is free of additives as a normal. Thus, 100% pure sugarcane juice is getting increasingly popular in the market, and orange juice is in the highest demand. Sugarcane juice vending machines were created in order to meet this demand. Why are sugarcane juice vending machines popular?

The market demand for sugarcane juice is beyond imagination

With the improvement of people’s life expectancies health has become the center of attention. Since it is a fundamental requirement for living, sugarcane juice beverage itself is a huge market demand. Pure sugarcane juices are free of additives and preserves most of its nutrients. It’s therefore very common.

Although the consumption of pure sugarcane juice in China is increasing gradually, it is still far from other nations. The amount of sugarcane juice in daily life in the United States, Britain and Japan is much higher than in China. Pure sugarcane juice in these nations is considered to be a requirement of everyday life. In China, however, it is often considered a nutriment and the cognitive differences directly affect consumption.

With the increase in the standard of living and improved health individuals are becoming more conscious of their health. China’s pure sugarcane juice market is vast and has a vast potential. China’s sugarcane juice industry that is pure is expected to continue growing at 10% per annum by 2020 according to estimates.

You can buy sugarcane juice at the vending machine anytime

Due to the rapidity and randomness of China’s demand for sugarcane juices, the development and growth of sugarcane juice vending machines are being encouraged.

Hommy’s vending machine for sugarcane juice has been designed to meet the growing demand for this. Customers can have the sweetness of sugarcane juice anytime and anywhere with a variety of payment options online. A cup of pure sugarcane juice can be prepared in just 40 seconds using 3-5 oranges. Hommy’s sugarcane juice vending equipment is only 1 or 2 square meters. Its location is very flexible, the glass-like appearance permits customers to observe the entire orange juice extraction process. Fresh and healthy.

As a leader in domestic R & D and manufacturer of modern vending machine technology Hommy is committed to the development of Internet of things technology combining traditional industry with internet intelligence and has created various R & D plans for new self-service sales terminals. Remember Kangmei’s famous ice cream vending machine It is one of Kangmei’s products and is exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and other regions. All interested guests are invited to speak with!

Sugarcane juice vending machine eliminates the traditional process of intermediate processing, filling and distribution, saving a significant amount of human and resources in the material and also reduces the expense. Consumers can purchase more affordable, fresh sugarcane juice. Entrepreneurs who participate can boost their profit margins.

A sugarcane juice vending machine is capable of selling hundreds of orange juices each all day. Each cup costs about 12 Yuan. However, the cost of each cup is less than 5 Yuan. The profit margin can’t be understated.


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