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How about the production process of popsicle machine

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How to use popsicle machine? We all know that ice cream is a special delicious food, which can give people a feeling of love from the sweetness. Many people think she can’t resist, but most people don’t know how to use the popsicle machine when they choose ice cream.

1. Ice cream slurry

If you don’t know how to use the commercial popsicle machine, it is suggested that you should match all kinds of raw materials for ice cream from the first step. Since you want to process this product, you must have all the raw materials ready. When reprocessing, three kinds of pure milk can be added according to all the weight, which can be made according to the relevant proportion. The whole slurry can be stirred evenly without any impurities.

2. Start the popsicle machine

The next step is to hold at room temperature for 15 minutes. Under the condition of continuous stirring, all ice cream powder is poured into the popsicle machine equipment and enters the freezing tank through the expansion tube. Then wait until the slurry fills the freezing tank, the machine can be started by the auto key, or press the cleaning key, and then select the auto key.

Popsicle machine

3. Complete the production

The last step is to wait until the screen display ratio reaches 99, indicating that the ice cream in the refrigeration tank is ready. You can put the cone at the discharge port, and then pull down the corresponding handle. Complete the return handle.

The above is to use the popsicle machine operation steps, the actual use must be in accordance with the above steps, only in accordance with the correct steps of operation, in order to bring better use effect.

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