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How about the application prospect of vending pizza machine ?

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In recent two years, pizza vending projects have been more and more popular among entrepreneurs. For example, domestic famous Internet companies such as Ali, Xiaomi, Jingdong and Suning are all in succession to arrange various shopping malls, which greatly illustrates the prospects of pizza sales projects.

This may be new retail! The prototype of the pizza vending machine is believed to replace the manual gradually in the next five and ten years, and become the mainstream offline. Now we often see pizza vending machines in schools, squares, parks, scenic spots and other places. These machines are generally machines put on by manufacturers or machine factories, and the main purpose is to promote brand image.

Hommy has positioned its products as "low price luxury and high-end quality"! With a steady, efficient and accurate development model, Hommy has set up an industry benchmark in the Chinese pizza field, leading the pizza market to a broader future. We firmly believe that the era of pizza rapid development has come, choose COMEY, and achieve the dream of starting a business in life!

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