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How Hommy sugar cane juicer machine achieved the favor of Dubai Carrefour super market

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This project was successful for Carrefour had that it increased the amount of shops opened in Dubai and extended to nearby nations. Finally, Carrefour was fortunate because it produced the First Mover point, it thoroughly conformed to this point that it did not seem imported to some consumers, and because of Majid Al futtaim’s aggressiveness in identifying and pursuing growth opportunities. Carrefour faces two fundamental issues including consumer difficulty and dubai’s longterm macroeconomic challenges.

Our Hommy combined juicer has undergone some generations of innovation and technological with humanized appearance, greater performance, easier operation and updates. It is a perfect example of what we are all about.

Big-data acquisition from manual to semi-automatic to automatic and afterward to artificial intelligence. We have been able to use the power of AI and machine learning for years now.

From zero to appear to be, from excellent to exist, then high quality.

Every step embodies the hard work and sweat of real human employees. The best part is that we do not need any special equipment or tools to make this process easy.

Carrefour Dubai decided on our company as the only importer of sugar cane juicers in its 16 super-makrets, which is precisely by reason of Hommy's pioneering concept and ceaseless innovations ability.


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