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How Do Pizza Vending Machines Work?

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Hommy Enterprise specializes in developing and production advanced vending machine solutions, integrate the innovative systems to offer a variety of vending machines. Among the innovative design has been the pizza vending machines.

Hommy pizza vending machines have been designed for the storage space and delivery of pre-cooked fresh or frozen pizzas.

There’s a 43�� color touchscreen to promote, and a 15.6�� color touchscreen for order. The machine can be equipped with multi payment method: coin, bill, change coin and credit cards reader. People choose flavor and pay, then he can enjoy the hot and delicious pizza in 3 minutes.

The operator prepare pre-baked fresh pizzas or frozen pizza, go straight to the device and put the pizzas into storage room and keep them under -18~10 degrees, depends on the pizzas type.

After people paid, the pizza with box will be studied right out of the storage room, delivered without box in to the oven for cooking, and the pizza will be delivered back to the pizza box and sent out to complete zone for pick up,  Food preparation temperature can be configure base on the pizza ingredients used, to get the best and tasty pizza.

Operators can manage the machines remotely from a web management. They are able to check the sale statistic and stock, to ensure they can sell more of the most popular pizzas.  They are able to do promotion based on the pizza valid date, to attract more customer and get the best revenue.


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