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Hot food vending machine operates in according to the principle

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Hot food vending machines are mainly based on Identification RFID tags or camera image identification shipping. RFID requires the use of additional commodity tags that will require much of the manpower and materials. The future of image recognition technology appears bright. Its working mode is mainly to capture the image of the product based on the camera within the vending machine, and later create a model of the product. The features of different angles of the product will be stored in the database. To open the door of the vending machine The customer scans or brushes his face. The camera will record the actions of the client in it. The background of vending machines will check the quantity and the location of the products. In the end, it will be able identify the items that the customer was able to purchase and then settle the account.

Hot food vending machine is one of the products of hommy. It is an innovative terminal for retail with a stunning appearance that integrates AI visual recognition as well as the Internet of things. It has gained the admiration of many customers due to its benefits, including convenience shopping, digital operation, 24-hour retail without retail, and the cost-effective efficiency of the products. The customers will be provided with an indoor semi-open spaces like office, apartment building, sports place as well as mass creation space. service industry that has the benefit of no-one retailer.

The Hommy hot-food vending machine was developed to meet the demands of an ever-changing life. It is healthy, tasty, practical, and affordable. It employs the most advanced Internet technology, such as big data as well as the Internet of things to activate the vending machine mode. This encourages self-help shopping.

Hommy hot food vending machine is guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of brave to break, make a bold leap, and build an opportunity for development and achieve an outcome that is win-win. Taking China as the core and expanding its reach to the entire world, to jointly create a brand of pre cooked food that is a strict selection of taste, namely hot ready to eat , and three meals. It is designed to provide super high cost-effective food in super short time.


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