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Hommy unbeatable value ice block making machine wholesale

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Ice blocks are widely make use of for Fishery Industry and Seafood Preservation. Distinct transparent ice block will be made by the Ice Block Making Equipment.  Ice block making machine can be divided into oxygen cooling system and water coolant system.  For different production need, the ice block equipment are designed in a number of production potential, say 1 ton,     and so on based on need.

Hommy provide unbeatable value ice block making equipment wholesale.

1. The equipment is built of  luxury outward appearance and easy procedure and low cost of maintenance.

2.  Guarantee safe practices ice block making.

3. Durable motor, good compressor

4. Fast freezing: significantly less than 5 hours for the first round.

5. Numerous size of ice block mould for selection

6. 12 months warranty


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