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Hommy advanced design pizza cone oven wholesale store

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With the rise of unmanned retail, vending machines are constantly deeply combined with office buildings, communities, schools and other segmentation scenes. On the one hand, takeout occupies almost all the online market, and on the other hand, convenience stores are frantically crowded. Do you still have opportunities for pizza vending machines? The answer is, there are still, and they are not small.

Huge market space is still worth exploring

The goal of a pizza vending machine is to put a pizza vending machine where there is no restaurant. Although the market share of takeout among office white-collar workers is very high, compared with the overall offline catering market, the penetration rate of online catering is only 4% – 6%, that is to say, there is still a lot of room for exploration in the online catering market, which is far from saturation.

Compared with convenience stores, the coverage rate of convenience stores is still not high. It is also difficult to have a fresh food convenience store around every office building. Moreover, compared with convenience stores, automatic lunch box vending machines are obviously closer to users; Labor costs and rental costs are also lower.

High gross profit margin of pizza vending machine

Relevant data show that the gross profit rate of pizza is generally between 35% and 70%. Even if the profit loss caused by the high scrap rate is included, the gross profit rate of pizza is still 5% to 10% higher than that of ordinary goods. In 7-11 and family convenience stores, the profit of pizza accounts for about 50% of the profit of the whole convenience store.

The combination of hommy pizza vending machine, integrated food beverage machine and ice cream vending machine can not only improve the overall sales, but also increase the user stickiness.

In addition, in order to ensure the food safety and the stability of the supply chain to the greatest extent, the automatic pizza vending machine adopts the way of direct procurement from the source in terms of raw material supply, so that each box of rice has a bar code on the package. The advantage of this is that consumers can trace the source of their food materials once they sweep it, so as to ensure the safety and health of food.

Hommy advanced design pizza cone oven is also the nickname of hommy pizza vending machine. Hommy contracts the R & D, upgrading, performance testing, maintenance and other work of the pizza vending machine, which is fully covered by the technical department of the headquarters. Customers fully implement the mode of self purchase and self checkout. This is good for improving customer experience, but it makes many investors feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to operate. Welcome to our customers!


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