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High quality vending machine

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There are many kinds of self-service machines on the market, such as automatic ticket picking machine, vending machine, payment machine, self-service inquiry machine, etc.

These machines have single functions, complex operation, slow reaction and rough materials. The quality is not the same.

After years of grinding, the self-service machine of HOMMY has been used with sophisticated materials, convenient operation and complete functions. Whether it is ice cream machine or pizza self-service machine, French fries self-service machine, popcorn self-service machine, lunch box self-service machine, beverage self-service machine, hamburger self-service machine, etc. are all high-quality self-service machines loved and promoted by the majority of investors.

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1. good material. All parts directly in contact with food shall be food grade materials, including food grade 100% stainless steel or food grade plastic. The coating of the shell is also made of food grade materials without pollution.

2. the system software is mature. Our coin system and code scanning system are working with mature teams of institutions of higher learning. Make it easier and more reassuring for consumers to buy. There is an intelligent identification system for counterfeit currency breaking. You can also add a theft deterrent system. Make the machine safe and practical.

3. convenient cleaning. Our all vending machine has pasteurization and cleaning functions. Can be powered on anytime and anywhere after the slurry in the machine for sterilization, cleaning. Make machine hygiene food healthier and safer.

Such a high-quality self-service machine will be your first choice of investment.

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