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Hamburger vending machine make your life convenient

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When you are hungry after playing your favorite game at 3 o’clock in the morning and you are in need to eat a hamburger right now, but all the shops are close. What can you do but have to  make yourself stuff with a dry and stale bread?

hamburger eat a hamburger

Good news! Hommy Enterprise developed a technological solution - Hamburger Vend Machine, which greatly solve this kind of problem.  This 24/7 operated Hot Food Vending Machine can provide 54pcs heated hamburgers in 1~27 types of flavors, those who want to eat hamburger at any time is easy to get it now.

Hamburger Vend Machine

The machine is an intelligent robot manager.  Finished hamburger packed with boxed are stored in the machine for frozen keeping. People can choose the flavor from a 32” touch screen, cloud plat form management provide fast and intelligent operation.

The machine accept payment by coin, bill, credit card, and return coins. After paid, the push rod inside the machine will move to the pallet of hamburger that you chose. The hamburger will be pushed out to the push rod holder, and push rod deliver the hamburger into a microwave oven, where the hamburger will be heated in 45 seconds.  In 60~90 seconds start from you paid, you will get a heat, yummy hamburger in a box!

hamburger will be pushed out the push rod holder hamburger in a box

Hommy also accept customization on the vending machine, so that it can also sell other hot food, like chicken, hot dog, any hot food that you want to sell. With this Fast Food Vending Machine in the corner of the street, your working place, near the school, in shopping mall, it’s so convenient and people can enjoy the hot food conveniently at any time.

hamburger vending machine

automatic robot hamburger

hamburger box


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