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HOMMY vending machine official website -- vending machine system solutions and equipment providers

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With the development of technology in recent years, WeChat Alipay mobile payment and AI face recognition have replaced traditional cash payment. The trend is that vending machines and unmanned shops will gradually replace the traditional small shops that need to be looked after in the next decade or so. In essence, vending machines are still retailing. Like traditional small stores, there is no essential difference, but the big difference is the different business models. The cost and labor cost of vending machines are lower or even lower.

Most of the wage earners in the second and third tier cities in China are paid 2000-3000 yuan, and the first tier cities are only around 7000-9000 yuan. The cost of a large vending machine is a few months' salary, but the emergence of hommy vending machine can solve this problem, and hommy vending machine can be placed in some high-income places.

The initial investment amount of hommy vending machine is not as high as the threshold of other industries. Relatively speaking, the capital requirements for the operators in the early stage are not so high. If you want to open a physical store in the early stage, the front rent, shop decoration and miscellaneous expenses are all more than 50000 to 100000, and they are ordinary decoration. Many people still can't afford this price. If you want to sell these snacks and drinks through the vending machine, the first ten or twenty thousand is enough, and there is no risk.

Vending machine itself has the value of advertising business promotion. When you operate to a sufficient scale, you can charge extra fees by playing ads in vending machine. You can do brand video promotion for other businesses, so that more consumers know the brand of businesses. This is also an advertising sales mode, making two-way money.

For HOMMY, the operation of HOMMY vending machine is obviously too easy. Through the intelligent platform, it can realize full-automatic selling, mixing and remote control. It does not need to be supervised for 24 hours, and it can provide vending machine system solutions on the official website. You will be reminded in time whether there is a shortage of materials or cups.

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