Invest 10 yuan, wait around 45 seconds, you can drink a glass of 100% natural pure fruit juice, recently, hommy sugarcane juice machine arrived to our sight. But will consumers purchase such drinks? For entrepreneurs, how about the income of hommy sugarcane juice machine?

Is hommy sugarcane juice machine acknowledged by the market?

A lot of the vending machines in China dona??t have any unique characteristics, and the products they sell are only conventional drinks and food, which is difficult to arouse people’s wish to buy. Before introduction of hommy sugarcane juice machine, it brought a little freshness to the industry.

After coin or swipe card, wait significantly less than 1 minute, the orange in the machine will be squeezed into a glass of orange juice. This cup of orange juice consists of no pigment, no drinking water, no glucose, is a cup of 100% natural genuine juice. Is this kind of juice identified by consumers?

Fresh sugarcane juice is based on health and nutrition as the primary concept, especially in line with the current consumer’s diet concept. With the improvement of people’s usage level, what people pursue isna??t just the freshness, but also medical level. Fresh natural juice caters to the consumer’s psychology, which is simple enough to understand.

Hommy Unreserved Service Sugarcane Juice Machine Wholesale Food Store

Many people will wonder, is hommy sugarcane Juicer clean? If you dona??t clean it for a long time, wona??t it create a great deal of bacteria just like the drinking water dispenser? Actually, this type of thinking is too much. Every orange entering the hommy sugarcane Juicer has truly gone through the steps of cleaning, disinfection, peeling and preservation to guarantee the health and basic safety of the juicing environment. Consumers can also see the whole orange juice extraction process.

Hommy Unreserved Service Sugarcane Juice Machine Wholesale Food Store

How about the income of hommy sugarcane juice machine

Orange juice is a favorite product with great market demand. Based on the survey, more than 70% people like orange juice, which solves the marketplace problem. Generally, the price of each glass of sugarcane juice is about 10-15 yuan, but hommy sugarcane juice machine doesna??t need manual safeguard, does not need site cost, so the price of entrepreneurship is reduced a great deal. Generally, the cost can be recovered after twelve months or even almost a year of operation.

The price tag on hommy sugarcane juice machine is about 30000-50000 yuan, but entrepreneurs can cooperate with manufacturers in appropriate ways, such as purchasing equipment directly, operating alone, renting, or joining a certain brand for cooperative operation.

Hommy sugarcane juice machine developed by hommy not only has reliable quality, but also can offer a number of co-operation modes with entrepreneurs. In the fierce market competition, the key reason why hommyhommy sugarcane juice machine can proceed through many testing and progress gradually is inseparable from its own brand strength, operation ability, product quality, brand awareness and service requirements. With the strong support of hommy, it is expected that hommy sugarcane juice machine will become a profitable tool.

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