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HOMMY PIZZA North America's 247 Automated Pizzeria

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There will be a kind of pizza vending machine about the streets of NY in the usa.  Not only that, clients can watch the process of the machine quickly making pizza. Vending devices offer bright white pizza,

Then squeezes ingredients such as ketchup and grated cheese out from the nozzle. After it is made, the machine will instantly put the pizza right into a separate product packaging box with a pizza  two sauce luggage, a napkin and cutter.

Depending on the amount of customers ordering,  During this time period, customers can watch the pizza making process, and the vending equipment is equipped with a 45 inches flat-panel Television set to broadcast entertainment programs and advertisements for consumers to pass the time.

Hommy intelligent pizza machine is actually a fully automatic intelligent pizza production line, which only uses 3-5 minutes from inserting an order to the whole procedure for pizza baking, far higher than the normal pizza shop. Kangmei is also a manufacturer of programmed pizza machine. For those who have any demand, Kangmei may also customize the automated pizza machine you like! Welcome to inquire~


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