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Frozen Yogurt Machine /Snow cream machine/Hommy CN

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Glaciers cream is consumed throughout the year, but there are not many soft snow cream machines in each block. People usually have to visit one of the top junk food brands or stores to get soft services. So the question is, why don��t you have an glaciers cream machine? Particularly if you possess a shop or restaurant/takeaway in a densely populated suburb or near a college.

Have you any idea? Does soft glaciers cream contain up to 400% GP? ? ?

Soft ice cream/milkshake machines are products with very high income. They serve quickly, and customers usually prefer these to a scoop of hard snow cream.

In the event that you own or operate a beach cafe, dessert shop, takeaway shop, food vehicle, mobile catering business, service train station or children’s indoor play middle, then you should think about buying a soft ice cream/milkshake machine.


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