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Frozen Yogurt Equipment | HOMMY Company

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Yoghurt production line, yoghurt production line, yoghurt fermentation machine, yoghurt full group of technical equipment and manufacturers can share, mainly for Chinese language yoghurt enterprises. In recent years, people’s life has been paid increasingly more focus on the healthy development of students. Every family is consuming yoghurt every day, but there are many kinds of yoghurt in China, numerous flavors, We need to pay attention to their choice. First of all, we need to know that good yoghurt is on the refrigerator. Whenever we look for yoghurt in supermarkets and on a wide range of shelves, we have to first look at the shelf life. The shorter the shelf life, the better. Secondly, there is a list of ingredients. The less additives, the better, Normal yogurt can basically meet the pursuing three main components, milk, sugar, bacteria, and other activities don’t have the necessary information to include, for people’s physical and mental health education does not have much benefit;

The working procedure for yogurt production series is really as follows: fresh milk is pumped into pasteurization / fermentation tank through temporary storage tank, dairy is sterilized at 85 ��, cold water in refrigerator is cooled to 40 ��, bacteria is added, fermentation is started, fermentation temperature and time are set, sandwich circulating water pump is fired up, temperature is kept constant, fermentation is scheduled, and it is completed in 8 hours.

Pasteurized yogurt production line is a pasteurized milk production line developed by hommy company. It can reduce labor, work consistently and automatically. It does not need personnel to watch the equipment. The fermentation is completed automatically and enters the refrigeration stage. Yogurt production line can process pasteurized milk at the same time. Pasteurized dairy takes fresh dairy as raw materials and is prepared into dairy by pasteurization. It really is characterized by 72-85 �� sterilization, which can eliminate parasites in milk and preserve nutrients and pure flavor completely. After low temperatures refrigeration, purification and purification, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, fermentation and filling up, good Chinese dairy was produced.

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