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Fresh pizza vending machines are now available in Germany

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Lately, vending machines selling pizzas have appeared on the streets of Berlin, Germany. They could be baked in only three minutes. Italian people who used to only eat hand-made pizzas are also curious to taste them.

The device can package and bake fresh pizzas from basic ingredients in a few minutes. The device can automatically knead, season, cook and deliver the pizzas from the cartons. Furthermore, customers are absolve to choose a variety of ingredients.

This sort of pizza vending machine can be linked to the cloud platform, which allows staff to remotely control its operation and intervene instantly in case of failure. In addition, the machine can fill up to 100 pieces of pizza at the same time. The staff can disinfect it every morning and replenish fresh food anytime.

COVID-19 has resulted in many changes in people’s habits. From keeping interpersonal distance to curfew, people must adhere to all kinds of epidemic prevention actions. The introduction of pizza vending machine solves this problem in the facet of “eating pizza”.

With the advent of hommy automated pizza machine, brand-new baking technology and professional technical design, one can certainly open a cone pizza shop, making pizza a delicacy around us.


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