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Fresh pizza vending machine in China

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In vending machines, it’s common to sell drinks, snacks and adult products. A few years ago, there was an innovation. We sold fresh orange juice and saw the whole process of orange juice extraction through the transparent panel. Now, there’s the hommy pizza vending machine on the street. Customers only need to wait for 3 minutes at a time to get fresh pizza. Interesting consumption, visual window can watch the whole production process directly.

When the customer pays for the order, the vending machine automatically mixes flour and water, presses them into the bottom of the pie on the oven, and then adds the meat, vegetables and seasonings selected by the customer.

Then, the oven will be 380 degrees Celsius high temperature, fast baking pizza. Customers who place orders can also witness the process of baking pizza through the small windows of the vending machine.

This kind of vending machine can store enough flour and other raw materials to make 200 pieces of pizza. Combined with the cultural needs of today’s fast food, it is an intelligent device with intelligent innovation as the highlight, integrating advertising, entertainment and payment.

Such a powerful machine, the volume is very small, the total area is only 2.56 square meters. It can be used in airports, high-speed railway stations, commercial places, recreation places, schools, office areas, hospitals, communities and other places to shorten the cumbersome process of people buying pizza and enjoy intelligent technology. Strong technical support, remote monitoring system, realize fault, shortage and other kinds of warning, online tracking service guarantee. Hommy, wait for people with lofty ideals to join


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