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Fresh pizza vending machine

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The vending machine can make pizza from scratch in 2.5 minutes.

Since its launch 3 years ago, the global existence of the device has been growing, and now the device distribution activities are planned, and domestic companies have indicated curiosity about installing it.

Each machine makes fresh pizzas for every order.

Every time you order a pizza, the device will put the pizza in the freezer in to the oven.

This is an infrared oven. In just 2.five minutes after placing the order, fresh and hot pizza is ready to be enjoyed.

Each pizza machine is linked to the Internet to regulate inventory. If necessary, in addition to standard services, the operator will (restock). Each pizza machine includes recycleables that can make 96 pizzas.

Each machine can provide more than four different pizzas.

The suggested retail price of a 27 cm (approximately 10.5 inch) pizza is $5.95. However, different prices can be charged at special locations.

Once you come to a fresh place, it is recommended to install the device in the next places: stores, airports, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, colleges, gas stations, bus channels, etc.

These machines are managed by the local operator for just one or more machines. There’s also some companies-national companies-want to complete the entire operation.


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