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Fresh Baked Pizza From A Vending Machine Debuts in Italy

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As everybody knows, the times are changing, society is developing, and people’s lives are also undergoing tremendous changes. The development and software of many systems make people’s lives more convenient. Just like the hommy smart pizza machine, which made its debut in Italy lately, has attracted the interest of many consumers.

Using the open smart fast food, the scene experience is more convenient. You are able to eat hot pizza so long as you scan the code. Hommy smart pizza machine task is more convenient, time-saving, get worried saving and time-saving than traditional catering and online takeout. Hommy intelligent pizza machine task uses the SKU of big data unified brand franchise stores to remotely monitor the raw materials of every machine, and timely replenish and take off shelves.

There is no need for a salesperson. All of the processes of customers in the pizza machine are completed by smart system equipment. Every taste is scanned at onetime. Customers pay with one click of cellular phone. Simple and fast payment method does not need to wait in line. They have a good customer experience. The automated intelligent pizza vending machine can be managed by one button, and it could be noticed from flour to pizza in 3-5 minutes. Combined with the cultural needs of today’s fast food, it can be an intelligent device with invention as the highlight, 45 inch intelligent large display and integration of entertainment and payment. Since it was placed on the market, they have rapidly attracted the attention of individuals from all walks of life, and has brought rich earnings for brand partners.

Smart device support, more assured to join

Hommy intelligent pizza machine does not need to be guarded by a special person, so that it saves a lot of staff expenses and facilitates management. Hommy intelligent pizza machine uses intelligent system to get, summarize, evaluate and judge terminal data. In addition, it has more accurate data judgment in accounts management, taste and sales pattern judgment, customer choice analysis and other aspects. Businesses no more have to prepare goods blindly and take part in activities blindly. Obviously, business efficiency is assured.

The purpose of hommy intelligent pizza machine is to make consumers more convenient and quick shopping, and make the production process more visual. At the same time, it is filled with technology style sales setting, making many customers feel thrilled. The joining procedure for hommy smart pizza machine is simple, and the threshold of entrepreneurship is low, so that more entrepreneurs can interact and realize their entrepreneurial wish. Its operation is very simple, the market reputation is good, the headquarters also has a number of support guidelines, timely solve all sorts of problems encountered in the procedure of traders, so that investors’ income is better.


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