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French fries vending machine provider - vending machine connection

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In recent 2 yrs, the new retail wind is blowing up more and more, a large amount of enterprises and capital flock to. Hommy subdivides the vending machine market, and hommy’s potato chips vending machine has spread to various cities and become a part of people’s lifestyle.

Low priced and large market, future option of hommy potato automated vending machine

Unlike traditional vending machines, hommy potato chips vending machine has complete functions, and covers a location of less than 2 rectangular meters. The maintenance and procedure costs and the labor cost are extremely low. Running a hommy potato club vending machine is the same as opening three stores by one individual, and can realize 24-hour continuous operation.

At present, the amount of vending machines in China is approximately 460000, which is too small weighed against the 1.3 billion populace countries in China. Many large and medium-sized towns have become the emerging market of vending machines, and the near future is bright.

Understand etiquette, socialize, hommy container rice package machine brings a new experience

Unlike traditional vending machines, hommy chips vending machine uses mobile payment to avoid the difficulty of cash transaction. And the machine is “polite” and will deliver the customers’ chips instead of pressing the shelves from the rack in order to flex over and grab. Thoughtful details give customers a new shopping experience, and they are not facing frosty machines, but also the humanized service with heat range.

Temperature separately and treat each food strictly

A lot of the automatic chips on the market remain heated uniformly, and the potato chips lose freshness and nutrition. The hommy potato pub vending machine differs. It is heated separately following the customer pays. Different heating system times are established for different foods, so that each customer has got the potato chips hot and fresh. And every food can be traced back to the distributor and restaurant, and strict supervision highly ensures the grade of the food.

Product + advertisements + self press traffic, the benefits of 3 wins at one stroke

In addition to the profit from selling potato chips, the hommy potato bar vending machine also offers the profit of advertising business. Its large display can constantly broadcast advertisements in rotation, allowing providers to take pleasure from additional profits.

As something of the new retail period, hommy potato automatic vending machine has made more and more investors taste the special end because of its affluent investment come back and zero-maintenance cost. What are you’ll still hesitant about for business owners who wish to share dividends?

Since the development and production of the automatic vending machine for summer chips for many years, the annual output of 2000 sets has been realized, rating the second in domestic industry. Welcome interested friends to consult!


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