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French fries vending machine China supply

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All the people like to eat French fries, however we notice that there are only few companies make the French fries vending machine.

french fries vending machine

We would like to introduce a very Fries Vending machine that produce by Hommy Enterprise. The machine can make French fires in 90-145 seconds after customer pay. There are multiple payment system. Payment accept coin, bill, exchange coin, credit card. There is a big advertising screen on the make, It’s user friendly.

The machine can keep indoor or outdoor. It would be a very good business opportunity if someone start to launch the French fries / Chips vending machine in the shopping mall, railway station, air port, game center, corner of street, commercial street. It will capture a large group of followers.

french fries vending

french fries vending

french fries vending machine hot food


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