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French fries making machine

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Hommy produce the French fries vending machine. The machine is intelligent operation, there is a 42” advising screen in front of the machine. The machine use oil to deep fry the French fries.

The machine inside can keep 25kgs frozen fries, which can make about 110 portions (6 bags). The french fries storage room temperature available from -7℃~-0℃. Keep the frozen french fries fresh.

The machine can cook fries in about 90-145 seconds for each portion. The frying time can be adjustable. Frying temperature available from 175℃~185℃.

No oil-smoking, odor free.

The machine have remote monitoring function, you can see the daily sale report, and the machine have automatic reminder function to remind the operator to change the oil regularly  to achieve food safety issue.

It would be a good business opportunity to operate the French fries vending machine business.    

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french fries vending machine


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