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French fries machine for business

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Do you have any idea how many french fries are consumed every day in USA or in England?

According to a report, the average American eats nearly 30 pounds of french fries each year, and the tending seems more and more people in other countries like to eat french fries.

If you are intended to enter into french fries business under the current international situation, French fries vending machine a best choice.

We recommend a best supplier Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd. who manufacture the best French Fries vending machine. Hommy is the first choice of manufactures if you want to buy a Frech Fries vending machine. Mr. Danile Lai, the president of Hommy Enteprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd.  Says, the creative designed french fries vending machine just need only 3 minutes to make a portion of French fries that is crispy and delicious.  The French fries are deep fried in oil in the machine, the fries quality is same as the one made in the fast food shop.

This Fries vending machine invented by Hommy can automatically control the quality of fries by controlling the frying condition, to serve healthy food for the customer. It can work with other vending machine like vending ice cream machine, vending milk shake machine, pizza vending machine, popcorn vending machine together to provide a complete food supply chain for your business.

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