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Did you know that Hommy has vending machines which make soda and soft drinks

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Before, we often envied vending machines found on the streets of Japan and were able to find nearly everything we needed in the traditional vending machines of China were not a shining example except bottled drinks. Recently, however there was a Hommy soda vending machine has quietly was seen in every corner of the city, and has brought a lot of people to the brink of hope.

With the help of an intelligent platform, Hommy soda vending machine is fully automated in selling and mixing and also remote control in a comprehensive way. It doesn’t need to be monitored 24 hours a day. No matter it is lack of cup or material it will notify you promptly to the background, assisting investment agents to easily earn high wealth.

The Hommy company is a well-known maker and operator of vending machines both at both in the United States and overseas. It integrates national operation together with R & D and manufacturing. Sales, leasing, leasing, and franchise. With strong technical forces and a manufacturing center located in Jiangmen to conduct R & D, Hommy is able to continually improve the product’s features and assortment. Products include automated soda vending machines beverage vending machines, and automatic vending machines. The payment methods continue to evolve with the rapid growth of the marketplace. Hommy will be happy to take your calls.


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