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Commercial automatic popcorn machine equipment popcorn makers

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The automatic popcorn machine is a commercial food machine developed by Hommy. It is designed with electric as heat source and high quality stainless steel frame with spray paint. The design is unique and beautiful. The stainless steel body is equipped with high efficiency electric heating system and fan, which makes corn burst into rice flower quickly. The fan operates simultaneously to avoid the condensation of corncob. The automatic temperature control operation is simple, and it is one of the new food machinery in the market.

The self-help popcorn machine of Hommy is not only stable and reliable, but also a new "brain". The traditional vending machine has a basic microcontroller, which can only handle the charge, distribute food and control the freezing. And a self-help popcorn machine has a strong "brain", is an intelligent sales service platform.

The self-service popcorn machine of Hommy can continuously upgrade the system, and become more intelligent and autonomous. For example, self-help popcorn machine can give warning at any time and anywhere when inventory is in urgent or in case of failure, so as to avoid the occurrence of goods, so as to maintain the good reputation of the operator of the self-service popcorn machine. Interested friends can come to consult~

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