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Commercial Iced Yogurt Machines: Shop WebstaurantStore

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Working principle of mix fried yoghurt machine

Walking around the busy city night time market in summer time, there are a variety of delicious snacks, among which the most eye-catching one is fried ice, a kind of cold food that not only fills people’s mouth, but also dispels the heat. Fried snow is a special frying snow pot, that is, quick freezing pot. This special frying pan can reduce the temperature to – 15 �� in half a minute.

The working principle of the ice machine is also very easy,

The compressor of the ice frying machine compresses the refrigerant (turns the gas into liquid). The refrigerant of the gas will release temperature after it is compressed into liquid under ruthless, and it’ll dissipate temperature through the heat tube in the glaciers frying machine (equal to absorbing cool air). Then, the refrigerant is released to the internal condenser of the ice frying machine through the growth valve. At the moment, the refrigerant flowing inside is a low-pressure water. At the same time, the refrigerant changes from water to gas to soak up heat. In this way, the temperatures inside the glaciers frying pan is lowered, which has the function of cooling. Then your gas refrigerant is compressed by the compressor.

Use of ice frying machine. Glaciers frying machine can be used to do fried snow, fried glaciers fruits, fried cream and other products.

Procedure skills of stir fried yoghurt machine

It’s estimated that you can not be more familiar with fried yogurt. Hot scenes is seen just about everywhere at the entrance of supermarkets, pedestrian roads and alleys. Because the price of the whole set of equipment for stir frying yogurt machine and raw materials is not high, it is welcomed by people and has unlimited work at home opportunities.

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