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Coke machine cans

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Coke machine cans

It's a fact that most of us drink soda. Some people drink more than others.For example, the United States ranks first among countries that consume soft drinks.

Soda water is very convenient to obtain. The soft drink vending machines are popping up everywhere in retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, museums and even schools.  If you're in a hurry or after a movement, it's easy to grab a can of coke or other soft drinks from a vending machine. It’s so a convenient beverage that some people drink a few cans of soda a day become a habit.

Recently, we notice that in the market there is new developed vending machine that can make Fresh Soda Beverage. Different with other simple soft drink vending machine, this soda water vending machine serve up to 36 flavors of fresh and tasty soda drink with cups after you pay by cash or cashless.  You can make you own soda drink with your favorite fruits, coke and any other flavor that you want. You can choose to add ice or without ice, with sparkling or without sparkling.  It’s really cool and interesting!


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