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Clean ice cream vending machine

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Clean ice cream vending machine

The vending ice cream machine must be cleaned after operated. Although the ice cream machine has a self-cleaning function, manual control can better clean the inside of the machine. Therefore, some things should be paid attention to when cleaning the ice cream machine.

Before cleaning, drain all the materials in the ice cream maker. When cleaning, turn off the power and remove the air pump.

When cleaning, you can add an appropriate amount of detergent or disinfectant to the water. When there are no air bubbles in the material tank, please press the cleaning button to clean for about 5 minutes, and then remove the cleaning fluid. Then rinse with clean water 3 to 4 times.

After cleaning the core parts of the ice cream machine, please pay attention to check whether the seal sleeve of the mixer is damaged, and whether each part that needs to be lubricated is coated with lubricating oil.

Clean the inner cylinder with a rag, and then reinstall the disassembled parts completely.

When using the ice cream machine again after cleaning, please clean it with clean water first. After confirming that the clean water has been completely drained, add ice cream ingredients.

The ice cream machine is a food machine, so mechanical cleaning is very important. For commercial ice cream machine cleaning, simple cleaning is recommended every day.

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