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China popcorn vending machine suppliers

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HOMMY is a leading supplier of popcorn vending machines in China. We have many experiences to share with you

Market potential: more than 90% of the world's people like popcorn, especially children and women, which fully reflects the huge demand of the market. The latest survey results show that China's per capital consumption of popcorn is only 1.1 liters, the average consumption of Europeans is 7 liters, and that of Americans is as high as 15 liters. In the next five years, China's per capital consumption of popcorn will reach 6 liters. After China becomes the world's largest producer and seller of popcorn, the demand for popcorn will rise sharply.

Simple operation, health protection in the first place: the use of a machine with two pots of sophisticated equipment, small power consumption (eight hours to use electricity), machine and liquefied gas used at the same time, can work continuously, simple operation. The professional personnel operate and teach the technology in person to ensure that each franchisee is proficient in the operation technology and learns the whole production process of "happy popcorn".

Variety diversity, taste trendy, rich nutrition: cream has chocolate, cantaloupe, strawberry, apple, sweet orange, taro, grape, banana, pineapple and other ten kinds of taste, using advanced technology and unique formula, each with its own characteristics, instant, crisp, smooth and not greasy.

No risk, high income: you can open a shop or run a motor car. It is popular in four seasons. It is the first choice among specialty snacks. You can sell 100-200 pots every day, with a daily net profit of 200-500 yuan and a monthly profit of 5000 yuan. The above income is very considerable. It only takes 2-3 minutes to produce delicious popcorn, which is safe, convenient, fast and hygienic, avoids the lead poisoning of traditional equipment, and has an absolute market position.

Four advantages of success:

1: The required raw materials and packaging bags are uniformly distributed by the headquarters to ensure the quality of the products, and there is no need to rush around to purchase.

2: The headquarters provides the unified decoration style of store operation and mobile car operation, unified promotion mode, and chain operation management mode.

3: Unified teaching and training, on-site operation, hand-in-hand teaching, to ensure your smooth opening.

4: Variety and taste diversification, each product has its own characteristics, so that consumers are not tired of eating

Finally, HOMMY 's self-service popcorn machine has the advantages of green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving, luxury and health, convenient and fast, labor-saving and time-saving, high production rate and so on. It is the most ideal and advanced popcorn making equipment.

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