Hommy ice cream vending machine includes a fresh and beautiful overall look, which reflects the design concept of taste, happiness and romance. It breaks the original offline ice cream consumption picture, and realizes the consumption experience of quick good taste, extra collocation and cup. Once it really is promoted in the market, it features triggered the masses to hurry and the business enterprise is booming, especially in the hot summer time, Even in the very long line behind, but as well to hold back for a cup of refreshing ice cream.

Hommy ice cream equipment adopts advanced international technology, the core elements are all imported from foreign makes, and combined with many years of practical experience and user behaviors, 14 optimization have been done to create it more meet the wants of users. Many store owners have put up their thumbs after applying our machine!

Hommy ice cream vending equipment has become a complete commercial chain, but also a Chinese food machinery manufacturer

One of the leading technology, there are professional vending machine raw material suppliers, a huge selection of tastes, with vending equipment technology, to accomplish self deployment, fast glass, the operator is simple to operate, needs less time, to accomplish morning feeding, evening demand, whether it is business or sideline is an extremely good decision. Welcome interested good friends to consult!