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Bakery Pizza Oven latest prices, Produces and Suppliers

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Pizza is an extremely hot fast food in many countries, especially in USA and Italy. Because the first pizza is manufactured in Italy, the handmade bakery pizza has been the favorite food daily eat by people. Recent year, the vending machines that make and sell pizza in the device are hitting all over the world for it��s convenient, 24/7 availability.  Nowadays, people want pizza, fresh and fast, on demand, anytime and anywhere, the appeal of pizza vending machine is undeniable among consumers.  For pizzeria owners, the machine can open up an additional revenue stream when placed in high-traffic areas, such as airports, gas stations, university campuses, shopping malls or even in the part of street-with less risk than checking a second food shop.

Where to find the good quality bakery pizza vending machine manufacturer and supplier? What is the latest price?

We recommend Hommy (Xinhui) Co. Ltd.  They developed a fresh pizza vending machine lately. The machine is very updated numerous humanized functions.  It comes with an infrared oven inside that produce bakery pizza, not only reheat, it��s really bakery pizza and the oven allow baking heat range starting at 60?C~300?C. The pizza is within same quality as what it is manufactured in a pizzeria.

They have indoor or outdoor machines for option.  Price for indoor machine is US$13200/pc Ex-factory.  Price for outdoor machine cost more than indoor machine because the materials for outdoor machine is different for indoor machine to be able to withstand the outdoor winter temp.  If you need more information, you can visit their website

to find out more.


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