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Bake a frozen pizza how long

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Pizza is a quick food popular in China from other countries. I remember when I was on vacation, many eateries and fast food restaurants that were in commercial establishments sold pizza in a variety of shapes and fillings. Children and young people like to eat pizza. I was thinking, why is it that some people say that we Chinese pie. They learned it however they aren’t able to create it. They spread the stuffing on the pie. It’s very striking!

I can also make pizza. It’s very simple. You can make pizzas not just using my oven, but with kitchen equipment, including an electrical cake plate. The main thing to remember is the crust and the filling.

I love eating pizza with seafood fillings, so I add lots in shrimps, onion small mushrooms, green peppers and ketchup. The taste isn’t overly sexy but it’s comparable to that of the fast food restaurant.

Someone inquired about how long the pizza would be baked . I would say it depends on the thickness and size of your pizza.

1. Bake pizza for 15 minutes. If the crust is very thick and filled with fillings, you can pre-heat the oven ahead of time then place food in the middle and set the timer to 15 minutes.

2. Bake pizza for 10 minutes. If the crust of pizza has a thin crust and filling is generally cooked, once the oven has been heated you can place on top of it and bake for 10 minutes.


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