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Automatic vending French fries machine

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Automatic vending French fries machine

What is one of the world’s favorite snack foods?Many of us may think about it’s the French fries. According to National Geographic, the average American eats nearly 30 pounds of french fries each year. Nearly the weight of a small child. As you can see, how people in America like French fries. Not only America, many people in all other countries in the world like French fries. You can eat the French fries easily from McDonald’s or some food shop.

However what about when you want to have a midnight wine at home and eager to have some French fries, but you don’t want to make by yourself the restaurant / shops are closed?

How about if there is a French fries vending machine near your home? And you can buy the French fries at any time that you want? It would amazing thing for any of us.

There are vending machines all over the world that sell all kinds of crazy things, including hot crispy French fries.The first Mr. French Fry debuted in Australia in 1982.It can cook French fries with oil in the machine and dispense fries in less than a minute deliver out in a cup. The automatic vending fries machine can provide salt and sauce in small packed from the machine as well.

Since then, many companies have followed to design the French Fries Vending Machine. The machines are available in some of the countries, but have yet to catch on in the United States.

It would be a very good business opportunity if someone start to launch the French fries / Chips vending machine in the United Stated, in the shopping mall, railway station, air port, game center, corner of street, commercial street. It will capture a large group of followers.

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