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Automatic pizza machine is successful in Japan-Hommy

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Japan has automatic machines that sell anything, from small to Pok��mon �� used panties (by whom? Better not to learn). But a concept is being successful in Hiroshima and it could spread to all of those other world: a vending machine of pizza, made fresh and hot, 24 hours per day.

The entrepreneur behind the idea is the truck driver Yoshiharu Taniguchi, who is a fan of the delicacy, but had difficulty finding them when he still left work, late at night. He found an Italian company, Cierreci, which makes Pizza Self 24 machines for the European market. Taniguchi partnered with the Italians, adapted and had taken the task to Japan.

Shortly after being installed in the Nishi neighborhood in later July, the device went viral on social media and attracted crowds. Every day, long lines are created with people – even from other towns – who want to flavor the novelty or simply kill craving for food at dawn. The pizza dough is made yourself in Venice, and is baked for five minutes between 180 �� C and 260 �� C in two varieties: Margherita and Quatro Queijos.

Taniguchi is currently dealing with eight other manufacturers to develop a pizza machine more suited to Japan’s climate. “My goal is to spread pizza vending machines across Japan from Hiroshima,” says the businessman.

HOMMY has also developed several pizza machines this year and can enter the Japanese market in the near future. The prospect of Japanese pizza self-service machines is so broad, I think that HOMMY will effectively open japan self-service pizza machine market.


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