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Automatic old popcorn vending machine

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Automatic old popcorn vending machine

Are you looking for a new business opportunity?

Popcorn is one of the most favorite snack all over the world, almost all the people like to eat popcorn, especially when we go to the movie theater, popcorn is the essential snack. Following this popular, Popcorn Vending provides very good business opportunities.

Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co., Ltd produce a compact size of Popcorn vending machine, occupy less than 1 square meter, just require fresh flavoured raw corn seeds to be filled in the corn kernel hopper, nothing else is needed. It provides the ultimate in hot popcorn delivery, freshly make popped with zero wastage or shrinkage, no oil required for cooking,  no staff needed for popping and selling!

popcorn machinepopcorn vending machine automatic

The machine accept payment by coin or token, self serve format. People just simply put the money inside, take the paper cup and put in the dispensing area, the popcorn will be ready in less than 80 seconds.

Put the machine in a location indoors or outdoors, that is accessible and convenient to consumers, people will enjoy the self serve popcorn making, you will be fast return from the investment of this vending popcorn business.


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