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Automatic commercial hot food coffee vending machine

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In today's society with convenient transportation, advanced information, and high mobility of people, self-service vending machines are more and more widely used.

The new retail outlet-automatic commercial hot coffee vending machine.

The development of retail to this day, if there is still need for transformation, then there are two aspects, it should be the simplification of the supply chain, but the reduction of labor costs and operating costs brought about by technological innovation. It has also been solidified, and everyone turned around and started looking for new offline channels.

Domestic and international gap

In the United States, an average of 35 people own a vending machine. In Japan, an average of 23 people owns one vending machine. In China, it is 4,500. Japan, a major country of vending machines, currently has 2.5 million self-service vending machines, while the volume of domestic self-service vending machines is less than 200,000 units, and the types of goods sold are single, unevenly distributed, and the market is far from being saturated.

According to a report released by the China Chain Store and Franchise Association, in 2016, the rental cost of convenience stores increased by 7% and labor costs increased by 6.5%. Therefore, to reduce labor costs, small vending machines have become the focus of attention. The emergence of new equipment such as self-service juice machines, self-service coffee machines, hot food vending machine canada, and so on, has made this format show infinite possibilities。

In the face of huge prospects, let's first look at what needs of users are met by the automatic commercial hot coffee vending machine:

Temporary shopping needs

In areas with dense populations and low commercialization, such as industrial zones and parks, people pay high shopping costs and need vending machines to solve the problem.

save time

As the consumption level increases, the demand for convenience shopping increases. Users do not need to go to shopping malls or convenience stores. They can get the fresh food they need to commute to and from the company building and on the road. Vending machines are not restricted by geographical factors. A small place is needed to place and sell, forming a network node layout.

Convenient payment

Online transaction or payment on APP, no need to prepare change or cash to buy

discount price

The joint company lowers the price in the form of benefits and puts it inside the company, which is cheaper than the physical store.

Interactive and interesting

Personalized operation activities, recharge to send cash, coupons, enter personal information to get coffee, take photos and send Weibo to get coupons, etc., making shopping more interesting for users.

fresh vending machines

hot food vending machine canada

hot food vending machine canada


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