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Automatic Ice Cream Vending Glaciers Cream Vending Machine

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Choose flavor from the 10.1�� color touchscreen with android system, choose payment method by cash (coin or bill) or cashless (debit card, credit card or NFC payment method), watch robot arm to make the ice cream automatically until deliver out to complete zone  for you in less than one minute. This is the HOMMY Robot Arm automatic glaciers cream vending machine can do for you.

You will find 3 flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt for selection, and there are 3 kinds of sauces and 3 kinds of dry toppings for choice. You are able to DIY your favorite ice cream with different toppings and sauces.

Hommy automatic snow cream vending machine is another generation of ice cream vending machine made by Hommy Organization (Xinhui) Co. Ltd. positioned in a premium segment and it is developed to offer a cup of good taste and smooth smooth glaciers cream within about a minute. The machine may offer 240 cups of soft provide frozen yogurt in one time feeding. Snow cream cup storage capacity can be 300~400pcs.

Crafted in cutting edge technology and wealthy experience, the snow cream / frozen yogurt vending machine has humanized functions of pre-cooling, mixer, air pump, pasteurization, defrosting, disinfection and remote monitoring control.  Provide premium soft server freezing yogurt /smooth glaciers cream. High creation efficiency, low maintenance cost.


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