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Automatic Ice Cream Machine

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Automatic Ice Cream Machine

The self-service ice cream machine of HOMMY Industry is deeply loved by investors because of its high product quality and many unique advantages.

In terms of product quality, HOMMY Industrial products will use high-quality raw materials, such as the main structure of customized processing of international plates, 304 stainless steel, food-grade PP, food-grade silicone hoses for food storage, and Nbrako imported from Italy for compressors , The reducer adopts a turbo worm, etc., to ensure that the performance of the fully automatic ice cream machine is stable during use, and there is almost no failure rate. At the same time, the ice cream produced is hygienic and reliable, and there will be no food hygiene problems, so that consumers can rest assured.

Different styles. Through more than ten years of research and development and production, Kang Meihui Ye has developed and produced many types of ice cream according to market demand. Each product has different performances and can meet the needs of different fields. Different product models and performance have different prices.

All people of insight are welcome to come to the factory for negotiation and negotiation.

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