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Automatic Frozen French Fries Plant - POKER CHIPS Machinery

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HOMMY automatic freezing poker chips machinery, processing potato chips machinery is to absorb the essence of comparable products, retain the advantages of large products to concentrate, and reference the opinions information from from coast to coast to create and develop. The utility version has the benefits of low one-time purchase, low energy consumption, multiple functions, small quantity, high profit, convenient employ and protection, etc. The equipment includes cleaning and  peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydration, water oil frying, seasoning, packaging, deoiling and auxiliary equipment.

The automatic series fryer is principally suitable for good sized food production enterprises, and suited to large enterprises

The products include: wide bean,  peanut and other nuts, puffed food such as poker chips, rice chips,   mahua and various other flour products, meat items such as for example chicken legs, yellow croaker, hairtail and additional aquatic  dried bean curd, bean curd bubble, products and other bean items. It is characterized by continuous production, energy saving and labor saving, making the product quality more uniform. In conditions of energy, electricity, temperature transfer oil, coal, gas, liquefied gas and external circulation heating could be selected.

coupled with China’s nationwide conditions,   The primary equipment includes automated soaking machine, peeling machine, drying gadget, frying pan, deoiling equipment, seasoning machine, lifting and conveying device, cooling and packaging device, etc. It works extremely well for processing fried multi flavor peanuts,  fried broad beans, fried almonds, etc. It has the advantages of large degree of  low labor intensity, automation, low energy usage, strong versatility and excessive product quality.


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