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Are you aware of the functions the Hommy ice cream maker is equipped with?

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With the fast-growing and growth of the ice cream industry, demand for soft ice cream machines is increasing. There are numerous ways and ways to select soft machine for ice cream. There are many companies that can make these, and there could be differences in material and performance. Many customers will use the hommy brand when purchasing ice cream machines. Today, let’s discover how the hommy ice cream maker can be trusted by clients

1. Trustworthiness is a hallmark of an established brand

Since its launch, the Hommy Ice Cream Machine has rapidly gained the unanimous recognition of the ice cream machine industry with its excellent performances, and is now the preferred brand for domestic known dairy manufacturers. Additionally, it has strong alliances with major raw materials merchants and ice cream store chain enterprises and occupies a prominent position in the world of ice cream machines.

2. The soft ice cream machine has an excellent cost-performance

The main product hommy ice cream machine adopts international brand compressor, which offers higher stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance, numerous models, and wide application occasions. It can be used in all stores. It is constructed from stainless steel in 304 grade. The core components are imported brands. It is of high quality, quick cooling, stable, and durable performance. It adopts independent cold bridge technology to avoid reduction in cooling capacity. LED display with full-time intelligent, fault self diagnosis.

3. A soft ice-cream machine that comes with dependable after-sales assistance

Hommy offers a professional after-sales team. We can help you contact our customer service through 400 customer service hotline or our website for customer service consultation as well as a wechat subscription service number. If you have any issues, we will guide you online or send after-sales service personnel to deliver door-to-door service so that you have no worries.


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